Scholars in Action Executive Board

Maggie Fritz

I am an Environmental Science and Policy major with minors in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation and in Sustainability. On campus, I am an intern with the Farmers Market at Maryland, a 2018-2019 Federal Fellow in the Energy and Environment program, a fitness instructor with University of Maryland RecWell, and a member of the Maryland chapter of CHAARG and of the University of Maryland Figure Skating Club. During my time in Scholars, I was the head of the Science and Global Change fundraising committee and a peer mentor. I’m ecstatic to continue my involvement with Scholars via Scholars in Action and can’t wait to see the amazing opportunities to come from this initiative.

Nancy Huffman

Within the UMD community, I have served as a representative for the College Park Scholars Student Advisory Board, a Maryland Images campus tour guide, a Science and Global Change peer mentor, and an undergraduate teaching assistant for both the Animal Science department and the College Park Scholars. Off campus I have been an intern at the Maryland Zoo and the Smithsonian National Zoo. I am extremely excited about this project because of my deep love and gratitude towards the Scholars program, and hope keep improve it for students and years to come!

Patrick Driscoll

On campus here at UMD, I have been involved in intramural sports, a variety of clubs, and have completed research for the CATCH virus study in the Cambridge Community. I am double majoring in Finance/Operations Management and Business Analytics, minoring in Sustainability Studies, and I am a former member of the Science and Global Change Scholars Program. Last year I was in charge of the finances of the Science and Global Change Fundraising Committee, and I am excited to be able to expand my role to incorporate all of Scholars. I cannot wait to get to work, handle the financial responsibilities of our intuitive, and really give back to our surrounding community.

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Emma Beernink

I am a Civil Engineering student with a minor in History. Outside of my studies, I am a Weight/Fitness staff and Formal Planning committee member at Eppley Recreation Center. I also worked with my Scholars program as a Fundraising Coordinator and a Peer Mentor. I am so excited to work with SIA because Scholars helped shape my first years at the University of Maryland, and community outreach and sustainability are two things that I hold close to my heart -- I can't wait to give back to Scholars!

Program Representatives

Sahil Sardesai - Life Sciences

Madeline O’Connell - Media, Self, and Society

Nate Gerber - Public Leadership

Alex Eng - Science and Global Change

Rina Torchinsky - Science, Technology, and Society

Jenn Attanasio - Arts

Kareem Ahmed - Business, Society, and the Economy

Peter DeSantis - Environment, Technology, and Economy

Jennifer Church - Global Public Health

Spencer Lin - International Studies

Caleb Enoff - Justice and Legal Thought